Ppp Laser Removal Cost

I normally write reviews, but clinical PPP is so bad, I had to write to warn others. My advice to everyone is to save your money and not to sign for all packages PPP clinic! I am really sorry to pass 4000 + and desire, I'd like to have my money. In fact I have no problems with my face before treatment and get a cream moisturizer after the treatment to clean (by the way, the quality of the fabrics offered by the clinic for the face seems to be much more subtle and more difficult that in the past, downhill). The wait is not too long or is today (I believe that because probably have too many regular customers). But my problem is that no-nada for my acne or pores (in fact, when I went for the treatment of micro-laser at its headquarters, the doctor will administer treatment, said that laser dpi does not accept do not handle / occurs). The treatment itself is very short, less than a minute. You will receive several physicians for each session, so the treatment is sometimes more, sometimes shorter, at different concentrations (there is no consensus on treatment) administered. Not the same doctor, no there is absolutely no one to oversee its evolution (and feels as if you only want to be multiple packages, a record).? But the same doctor have (Dr. Thean), that does not feel do not remember, because it asks the same questions and I lived with the same thing, works every time - explains why I do not think that me for. I also think that it is ridiculous, he told me that I should go to receive treatment every day (which actually almost a month, indeed without any improvement to see). Aside (do if spend per day, which is actually cheaper that going to a doctor of truth, that can give the best treatment and counselling?), as well as every day my friend says Dr Thean the cost (I have no major problems with their skin). Finally, your service to customers is horrible. Prices are per their packages and changing conditions in their packages, so always it feels like they are being misled. The high was when left 3 sessions on Monday and my package expires on Saturday. On Monday, I asked him if I could develop my package. The girls said as it develops, could cover only a week on Monday (not Saturday) then that should come to grow during the week. It seems to me quite ridiculous, is it correct? So I have a session on Tuesday and Wednesday (leaving me with 1 closing session). I asked again Wednesday if it could be extended by a week. And they told me that they could at least 3 meetings, because it must, until they can be developed? So that I am in my sessions to effectively eliminate attempts will be punished. After a long conflict (where got it, felt, so a move and disrupt) the girl said that ppp laser removal cost I needed to speak with management and remember me. I heard as little surprisingly not many of them. Do not really understand what kind of business model is this - first and foremost offer a product that does not work, and secondly to treat their customers like trash. I know that what looks like acne and about helping your skin to give the feeling of despair. I assure you, PPP is not the solution, do yourself a favor and go to a real doctor, can and will monitor their progress. Or spend your 4000 into something much better and happier a wonderful stay, a ring of diamonds, etc,.